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See if you qualify for the government payments and electricity savings of up to £15,000.

Get the right funding help and support

Get the right solar funding advice and support needed, to get your solar panels installed by one of our solar funding approved partners in your area.

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Meet some of the thousands accepted for the Solar Funding Incentive...

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Solar Panels Requirements

Home Owner in UK

Full Time Employment

Unshaded Roof Space

Home with Electricity Supply

Not a Listed Property

Not a Basement or Mid Floor Flat

If you tick all of the boxes we can help you fund the solar panel installation cost for you using our Solar Funding Incentive.

I have just bought my own house and as my wife earns very little, I have to cover all of the costs. After being accepted, SFI made it quick and easy to install solar panels and it cost nothing for the installation. Now I receive feed in tariff payments from the government, I save on my energy bills and I am doing my bit for the environment. After all the sums are done, I am no worse off than if I hadn’t installed at all. The best thing is that after a period of time, I will have all of the savings in my pocket. Result! My brother Sunil is now having this done after seeing how easy it is."

self employed

Anil Mistry.


"Result! My brother Sunil is now having this done after seeing how easy it is."

Solar Payments Checker

Solar Panels
Payments Checker

See if you qualify to benefit from earning and saving £15,000 by installing solar panels.

Your personal information is important to us, we do not share your information with any third party.

Meet some of the lucky applicants

I would recommend that anybody should contact the Solar Funding Incentive. We aren’t particularly well off as although my partner works full time, I only work 20 hours a week. What worried me was that we were crippled by rising electricity bills but we seemed to have no alternative but to pay them. We were even looking at free solar panels but it meant we wouldn’t own them. The SFI was a godsend for us because we are making such a saving now and will do so into the future. We can’t afford to move at the moment but every little helps and having solar panels on the roof has added value to our property. SFI covered the solar installation costs for us. Give them a call. It’s the best thing we ever did."

Sandra Yu.


"We were crippled by rising electricity bills..."

My husband and I always wanted solar panels because we knew we would save so much on energy bills and get regular payments from the government. The problem was that we couldn’t afford the lump sum payment to have solar panels installed. With the Solar Funding Incentive, they installed the panels with no costs. We are now receiving both the savings and feed in tariff payments. Without SFI, we could never have afforded to ‘go green’. I would recommend this as an easy way for anyone to get solar panels and start saving money."

Rebecca Goldstone,

Gateshead, Newcastle

"We knew we would save so much on bills..."

Earn up to £15,000 from the Government

Start Saving & Earning Immediately

Installing Solar Panels Is Hassle Free.

See If Your Home Is Suitable

Exclusively for All Home Owners in Full Time Employment in the UK

When my application went through for Solar Funding Incentive, I couldn’t believe it. I thought solar panels were only for people with pots of money lying around. Anyway, SFI have made solar panels available for the ordinary person. You have full ownership of the solar panels Vs the rent a roof scheme. After the installation we will be receiving all the government payments and saving bills from day 1, which, let’s face it, are sky high. The monthly payments are so small and cancels out by the other financial benefits you get, it was a no brainer for me. I would recommend anyone looking at free solar to switch to using the SFI to get full ownership and pocket solar earnings without paying for the system upfront, make money for yourself instead of the free solar companies making the fortunes."

Terry McLoughlin,

Burnt Oak,

"anyone looking at free solar to switch to using the SFI to get full ownership"

Solar Funding Incentive

Helping the UK to get solar panels installed fully funded.

What is the Solar Funding Incentive?

The Solar Funding Incentive has been created to help and support the people who cannot afford to install solar panels.

You are now able to get solar panels installed, paid for by Solar Funding Incentive and you still receive 100% of the government's highly desirable, guaranteed solar payments for over 20 years.

The solar funding is extremely limited and we have received thousands of requests for solar funding since starting on 1st March 2013.

The government is under pressure to cut the solar panel funding, so act now and see if you qualify for solar panel funding for your home. Get an instant check to see if you and your home qualifies, call us on 0800 102 4034 or complete our quick online grant checker above.

The Solar Funding Incentive can help you to save money on your energy bills without having to use a free solar panel scheme.

We realise that energy bills are rising and that the cost of solar panels is expensive, so SFI have come up with an easy solution to provide you with solar panels and reduce your energy bills, without any upfront costs.

We install your solar panels free of charge and you can immediately start saving. There is a small monthly payment geared to suit you which could be equal or could be less than the financial savings and benefits you will receive.

You still qualify for the government feed in tariff and you own the solar panels outright.

Barclays Solar Funding

Earn and save up to £15,000 from the Government for Installing Solar Panels.

3 Simple Steps to installing Solar Panels with SFI

1. Qualify for SFI

Find out if you and your home is suitable to qualify for the Solar Funding Incentive. It's so easy, get a quick instant answer on 0800 201 4054.

2. Free Home Checker

Receive a FREE home assessment to check if it is physically possible to install on your roof.

3. Install Solar Panels

One of our approved Solar Funding Incentive providers will install your solar panels, allowing you to start saving and earning immediately.

Install Solar Panels and Get up to £15,000

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Qualify for Solar Funding Incentive 0800 102 4034

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