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Get the right funding help and support

We promise to get you the right solar advice. It's a free service.

Get the right funding help and support

Get the right solar funding advice and support needed, to get your solar panels installed by one of our solar funding approved partners in your area.

Meet some of the people accepted for the Solar Funding Incentive...

Do you qualify?
Solar panel funding requirements.

UK homeowner

£10,000 household income per year

Suitable roof space to install solar panels

If you tick all of the boxes we can help you fund the solar panel installation cost for you using our Solar Funding Incentive.

I knew there was money from the government for installing solar panels but my wife and I just didn't understand the way it worked. She didn't think we could get panels without laying out a fortune, which we just haven't got. My Planet were really helpful and answered all of our questions so we knew how the funding and savings paid for the panels. They were fitted last week and we haven't had to pay a penny upfront. Great service with a lovely attitude and personal touch."

self employed

Anil Mistry.


"My Planet were really helpful and answered all of our questions."

Do you qualify?

Get qualified

Your personal information is important to us, we do not share your information with any third party.

because solar funding is limited

Meet some of the lucky applicants

What a brilliant service. My mum used My Planet's fully funded solar scheme and had her panels fitted with no problems.

Once they were on the roof and we knew the savings we could make and the money we got from the government we went ahead as well. My boyfriend got someone else out to see what they had to say but they were a poor comparison to My Planet.

Mum's are always right! Our house is more attractive to a future buyer once we need a bigger place and we are saving money. Great idea and great people to deal with."

Sandra Yu.


"What a brilliant service... Great idea and great people to deal with"

I did a lot of talking about getting solar panels but did nothing about it because I thought it would be more than I could afford but I was dreading the electricity bills again this winter. A mate told me about My Planet's Solar Funding Incentive. It gets you your panels fitted without any upfront cost. I got them round and it couldn't have been easier. The panels were installed with no fuss or mess and with my electricity savings and the government funding, they are paid for monthly. It's a great idea. I wish I'd done it sooner."

Rebecca Goldstone,

Gateshead, Newcastle

"We knew we would save so much on bills..."

Benefit from up to £15,000 from our solar scheme.

Start saving and earning immediately

Exclusively for UK homeowners

Solar panels installed with no up front cost

You have nothing to lose. See if you qualify!

I'd seen a few of these schemes on the internet and I understood how they worked, so I knew I wanted fully funded solar panels. We're a family of five so we use a lot of electricity. We needed to get sorted with some panels ASAP.

Once this red hot weather set in, I knew I was missing out big time. All that sun and no panels. It was just making the right choice of company. I had a couple of blokes out but My Planet stood out as being the most knowledgeable and professional.

The panels were fitted in no time and I love watching that electricity meter spinning backwards instead of forwards all the time! I would recommend My Planet's SFI scheme as the best on the market."

Terry McLoughlin,

Burnt Oak,

"I would recommend My Planet's SFI scheme as the best on the market."

Helping the UK to get solar panels installed fully funded with no upfront cost.

What is the Solar Funding Incentive?

The Solar Funding Incentive has been created to help and support the people who cannot afford to install solar panels.

You are now able to get solar panels installed, paid for by the Solar Funding Incentive and you still receive 100% of the government's highly desirable, guaranteed solar payments for over 20 years.

The solar funding is extremely limited and we have received thousands of requests for solar funding since starting on 1st March 2013.

The government is under pressure to cut the solar panel funding, so act now and see if you qualify for solar panel funding for your home. Get an instant check to see if you and your home qualifies, call us on 0800 012 6490 or complete our quick online grant checker above.

The Solar Funding Incentive can help you to save money on your energy bills without having to use a free solar panel scheme.

We realise that energy bills are rising and that the cost of solar panels is expensive, so SFI have come up with an easy solution to provide you with solar panels and reduce your energy bills, without any upfront costs.

We install your solar panels free of charge and you can immediately start saving. There is a small monthly payment geared to suit you which could be equal or could be less than the financial savings and benefits you will receive.

You still qualify for the government feed in tariff and you own the solar panels outright.

Earn and save up to £15,000 from the Government for Installing Solar Panels.

3 Simple Steps to installing Solar Panels with SFI

1. Qualify for SFI

Find out if you and your home is suitable to qualify for the Solar Funding Incentive. It's so easy, get a quick instant answer on 0800 012 6490.

2. Free Home Checker

Receive a FREE home assessment to check if it is physically possible to install on your roof.

3. Install Solar Panels

One of our approved Solar Funding Incentive providers will install your solar panels, allowing you to start saving and earning immediately.

Install Solar Panels and Get up to £15,000

Qualify for Solar Funding Incentive

Discover if you qualify for guaranteed government backed solar income plus electricity savings of up to £15,000.

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